Guild Rules

Guid rules:

1. We tolerate the good attitude towards the players. We appreciate the dedication, the friendly attitude during the game and in particular the help to each other. With these virtues we are distinguished from most guilds.

2. No vulgar words in the Guild / Raid / Trade chat. Childlike thinking and behavior does not help our guild. In this line of thoughts, raising tones, insulting players, creating intrigue with cowardly purposes will be punished by guild leaders at their discretion.

3. The days in which we raid are predetermined, what people do in their free time is entirely their business. In this line of thought, we do not want and do not recommend people playing with us to directly violate the already enforced general rules of World of Warcraft game policies.

4. As a responsible player in a guild, during the raid use your head. Raiding and progressing is part of any progression guild and if you do not want to wipe on the bosses, if you do not have the nerves to withstand the downturn that accompanies those wipes, if you do not correct your mistakes during these moments – then our goals as a guild do not fit you . Wiping on the boss fights and repair bills are part of each progress raiding guild.

5. The Guild Master and his respective Officers are the decision-makers. You can always be sure that they do it in the general interest of the guild.
Core Raider’s and Raider’s opinions are always welcome, but let them be discussed outside of the raid or in a personal conversation.

6. We use Discord as voice chat program. You can join it by using this link:

Raid rules:

1. We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 to 23:00 server time. It is desirable to be online at 19:30. Raid invite continues until 19:45. You have to be ready to clean the thrash and to be in Discord before the time beginning!

2. Keep track of your calendar for events and raids. If you sign up for a raid, come on time and be prepared. If you are prevented from attending or delayed be so good to warn the Guild Master, Officers or rider leader before the respective raid, at least 15 minutes before the raid starts on phone/e-mail (, so that those in charge can find someone to replace you. If this rule is violated three times in a month, you will be demoted without hesitation.

3. It is obligatory to be prepared with enchants, gems, flasks, potions, health / mana potions and personal food.
– The agility / strength / intellect potions are used 2 seconds before the boss’s pull and the second potion is used on heroism, push phases, offensive cooldowns, and so on.
– Health potions are used in situations where you are most likely to die. These potions are on a separate cooldown from the rest and you must use them!

4. It is essential that you have watched / read the mechanics of the upcoming battles.
If you have questions about boss tactics or boss skills ask the Officers as soon as possible, BEFORE THE RAID! People who have not come up with the necessary knowledge are showing a lack of respect for their teammates and are not entitled to a raid.

5. It is required that you keep an above 50% of personal bracket as a raiding performance to remain in our raiding roster.

6. Officers lead the raid and have a speaking priority in the voice channel.
It is desirable to have a good atmosphere in the raid for more concentrated and relaxed raid environment. How can you do this? By not sharing unnecessary information, but calling for important things like mentioning an important issue, using Cooldown or spell. In this way you will help create an environment with fewer mistakes and opportunities for faster and more relaxed play of mechanics.

7. Anyone who has any suggestion during a progress raid should ask politely before sharing it. Be prepared to be refused, we do not always need new ideas. Another option is to suggest your idea in whisper to one of the guild leaders.

8. If we leave you as a reserve for the current raid, we expect you to be available when you are called and replace the player as soon as possible. You can log in with an alt character, but at least stay in our voice channel and if you have to go AFK for a while, please inform at least one of the Officers. Being a reserve for a particular raid does not mean that you have not contributed to it, on the contrary, it will be noted by the Officers towards the progress of your rank.

Rank system:

Guild Master – semi-god a.k.a. “above the law”.

Officer – The people who run the guild.

Core Raider – This is a proven player from the core of the guild. Playing tactics with almost no mistakes, perfectly doing his assigned tasks and above all playing at high level.
• People with this rank have a high attendance rate of or over 50%, which is currently more than two raiding days.
• This person comes to a raid with high knowledge of the battle and is ready to give the most of his class.
• People with this rank have proven their loyalty to the guild.
• When progressing raids, people with this rank are invited with the highest priority.

Raider – A raid player with smaller privileges from Core Raider. It features the following:
• This person meets all the requirements for Core Raider but has a 50% or less attendance rate.
• People with this rank have little gaps in playing mechanics or do not perform with their class / role on a high enough level as the Core Raiders, but have more than 50% raids attendance, which is currently more than two raiding days.
• At progress raids on Normal or Heroic Mode, this rank has the same weight for raid invitations with the Core Raiders.
• When progressing in Mythic Mode, this rank receives an invite in the calendar, but is next in priority in the raid invite after the Core Raiders.

Trial – people on trial period:
Your trial period will be between 2 and 4 weeks. At that time, Guild Master and the Officers will monitor your presence and presentation and then judge where it will be the perfect place for you in our future raids.

If you are not active both in the raid and in your performance, do not expect to go through the test period!

At the end of the trial period, guild leaders will vote for you to become a full member:
• If most of the guild leaders approve you, you will become a full member.
• If the majority of them votes are against the trial player, it will be demoted to Social.

Social – A non-raid member who participates in guild events, achievement runs and other guild activities outside the raiding environment. Social members can contact the Officers and after that the guild leaders will then decide if the Social Player meets the minimum requirements to be placed on trial.

Alt – alternative character.

Ranks will be monitored and may change respectively to your performance and attendance!

If you are offline for more than two weeks without a warning, you will be demoted to Social!

Loot system:

• For the raid boss loot we use RCLootCouncil addon and Council system, BFA has changed all loot to Personal loot.
The loot Council will look at the items that can be traded and decide to who they will be most beneficial depending on the guild and people’s needs at that time.
When rolling on an item with Mainspec/Offspec/BiS you also need to add a note with your main stats for example: (crit/haste).
For more information and how exactly the addon works you can go to:
We expect mutual understanding and cooperation between everyone in the raid to avoid any and all unecessary confrontations.

• BoE items which are dropped from trash or boss must be traded to the respective Raid Leader/Officer/Guild Master. As a progress raiding guild these items will be distributed according to the current guild needs. If not used after a while these items will be sold on the auction house by the guild leaders, the gold obtained from these items will be used to sponsor guild consumables and repairs.

Mandatory Addons:

– DeadlyBossMods – DBM or BigWigs
– WeakAuras 2.
– RCLootCouncil.

Recommended Addons:

– GetTheFuckOut – GTFO.
– ExorsusRaidTools – this AddOn may be required by Guild Leaders.

Important: additional addons may be required by the officers!

By following the above mentioned rules, we will all create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the guild. Any violation of the rules will be punished at the discretion of the officers’ team. Everyone are responsible for themselves for not knowing the above mentioned rules and are bearing the consequences for their actions!

The rules come into force on: 05.07.2018.